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What is Concrete Chimney for Factory?

Concrete chimney systems for the factory are chimney systems designed according to the conditions and needs of the production facilities. According to standard chimneys, concrete chimneys are built after planning the geographical climatic conditions of the area where the factory is located, by determining the heat and gas outputs caused by the product produced by the factory or the product it processes. They are the structures that provide the release of the waste gases produced by the heat production in the factories in a way that will not harm the nature, and adjust the circulation rate of the gases in line with the needs. Dural analysis of concrete chimney systems for the factory, constructional designs and production processes of chimneys are not as easy as expected.

How do we build a concrete chimney for the factory?

It is very important to consider external factors during the construction and assembly phase of concrete chimney systems for the factory. Statistical analysis of the chimneys, the effect of a possible earthquake, the load of the wind that will affect the chimney, and physical calculations in a way that is suitable for work safety and after the tests, the assembly parts and materials suitable for the chimney should be selected. These selected materials must be resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. There are certain standards in the production and assembly of concrete chimney systems for the factory. Due to the diversity of the facilities in which the chimneys are used, many different types of chimneys have emerged.

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More about the concrete chimney systems

While the concrete chimney design for the factory is being built after the planning stage, the most important point to be considered is that the air density in the chimney is less than the density in the atmosphere. In order for this to happen under suitable conditions, the temperature inside the chimney must be much higher than the outside temperature. In line with the targeted purpose, it is ensured that the temperature in the chimney is released towards the cold air. For this reason, it is very important to use the right material and material for the factory, especially since the temperature is too high during the concrete chimney works. In addition, calculations need to be done carefully. There are a few important points that need to be considered for the factory chimneys to work more efficiently.


  • Proper creation of concrete chimney calculation reports for the factory
  • Creating the constructional designs of the chimneys after a good analysis
  • The chimney and its surroundings have different temperatures
  • Well insulated and sealed in the chimneys
  • The chimney is in a structure suitable for the climate in which it is located.
  • Installation in accordance with the connection systems
  • The use of solid and correct materials for durability.