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Post Tension Solution

Post tensioning is the general name given to the method of stretching the high-strength steel ropes used to strengthen the concrete against the tensile force after the concrete casting process is completed. Post tensioning is done as follows.

  •  Protective sheaths are placed inside the bolometers before the concrete pouring process.
  •  After the concrete pouring process, the post tensioning ropes are driven into the protective sheaths.
  •  Hydraulic elevators are used to tension the steel ropes under the compressive forces calculated during the project.
  •  After the tensioning process is completed, the post-tensioning ropes are cut.
  •  Special cement grout is pressurized into the sheaths through hoses previously placed inside the sheaths.

Post tensioning, which is frequently used today, is used in bridges, building slabs, water tanks, silos, stadium parking lots, shopping malls, nuclear constructions and many industrial constructions.


Advantages of Post Tensioned Systems

Post tensioned systems offer many advantages. Some of these are as follows:
In areas where post-tensioning is used, very large spans can be crossed. This facilitates the work of architects and engineers, enabling the successful realization of projects with different types of architectural and aesthetic geometries that seem very difficult to realize.

  •  The number of columns and beams is reduced in projects using post-tensioning system.
  •  Since the amount of concrete and iron required for the project will also be reduced, the specific weight of the floor and the total building weight will also decrease.
  •  Construction time is accelerated.
  •  It provides great economic advantages.
  •  Due to the reduction in total building weight, the seismic force affecting the structure during an earthquake is reduced. Thus, the structure exhibits a significant resistance against earthquakes.
  •  Since the steel post-tensioning strand sheaths are coated with grout, there is no corrosion problem.
  •  Deflections are controlled in post-tensioned systems. Crack formation in concrete is reduced.
  •  The resistance of the structure against deformation increases.
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About Post Tensioned Slabs

With post tensioned slabs, smaller reinforced concrete sections and building projects with very large spans can be constructed. Thus, architecturally very different buildings can be constructed. Since the number of columns used in the project will be reduced, more comfortable and wider buildings can be constructed. In projects where post tensioning ropes are used, slab viscosity and building weight are reduced. The construction period of the buildings is shortened. Since the amount of material to be used is reduced, it provides great economic advantages.