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What are Freight Elevators?

Freight Elevators are a type of elevator used to carry loads, usually accompanied by a person. 500 kg to be used in places where goods transportation is intense such as warehouses, shopping malls, factories. It can be produced with a capacity between 12.000 kg. In freight elevators, the load or material carrying capacity of the elevator is more important than comfort and speed. The freight elevators, which are produced as semi-open and cabin, which provide ease of transporting materials to places such as workplaces, shopping centers, schools, hospitals and official institutions, are a product that adapts to every space according to your needs. These elevators can be preferred as driven system or hydraulic. In mid-rise buildings where the cruising distance is not high, the hydraulic elevator can provide significant savings in terms of both navigational comfort and operating costs. Door types are used semi-automatically, double-winged or fully automatic to provide the desired opening and height. In the manufacture of vehicle and freight elevators, care should be taken to choose the floor from non-slip material. Freight elevators are divided into different types:
  • Scissor Lifts: These are freight elevators designed to be used in situations where the lifting capacity is high despite the short travel distance.
  • Reciprocating Freight Elevators: These are freight elevators with travel distances ranging from 1 to 20 meters and capable of carrying loads up to 5000 kg.
  • Rope Freight Elevators: These are freight elevators with travel distances ranging from 10 to 30 meters and which can carry loads of up to 10000 kg on average.
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    Freight Elevator Regulation

    Like passenger elevators and other elevator types, freight elevators are within the scope and rules determined by a certain regulation from construction to assembly, use and inspection. It is possible to state some parts of the rules and scope explained in detail in the regulation as a title:  
  • The Freight Elevator must undergo annual maintenance and inspection according to the standards set by the regulation; must respect the principles established for its use.
  • All permits, requests and administrative measures are determined and executed by the Ministry’s General Directorate of Industry.
  • One of the inspection institutions authorized by the Ministry is a public or private inspection institution established in Turkey in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 standards. These institutions take part in the process from periodic inspection responsibility to execution. They take a role in the process until the evaluation of the audit results and their transmission to the Ministry.
  • All powers and duties of A type inspection body are determined by the Ministry. Along with the items specified in the regulation in detail, the provisions of the inspection personnel, application principles, checklists, equipment, inspection report and all necessary information for maintenance and periodic inspection are included in the articles.
  • The responsibility of the building inspector and the scope of the inspection service are also detailed in the regulation.
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