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Raw Meal Silo Solutions

The main raw materials of cement consist of limestone and clay. Auxiliary materials such as sand, bauxite, iron ore are used in the manufacture of clinkerim, which is an intermediate of cement and cement. These materials are taken from the environment by using the quarry operation method. These materials are reduced in size by pre-mixing, stocking and various crushing processes in the factory area.


Raw Milling

Materials such as iron ore, limestone, clay with a certain molecular composition are ground to a fine powder. This powder is known as “farin”. In order to obtain good clinkers, raw meal is homogenized and stocked in silos.
In the cooking process, the raw meal silo is fed with raw meal in the preheater. As the headlight in the preheater moves down, the hot gas coming from the oven moves up. In the preheater, which consists of a combination of several stages of cyclones, the precalcination process takes place by contacting the raw meal with the hot gas. The pre-calcined raw meal is sent to the rotary kiln, and fuels such as natural gas, fuel-oil, powdered coal are burned through the flame pipe located at the furnace exit. The temperature in the kiln reaches 1500–1600°C with the burned fuels and clinkerization reactions. As the material in the furnace approaches the exit, it starts to liquefy. Fine particles combine to form large sized clinker particles. These clinker grains are subjected to a sudden cooling process when they pass from the furnace exit to the cooling unit. By reducing the temperature of these clinker grains, which are instantly cooled, to below 100°C, the clinker is stored in the warehouse.
Cement Production
Cement is obtained by grinding Portland cement with some gypsum in the clinker and additives such as limestone, pozzolan, fly ash depending on the cement type. Ball mills are widely used in the grinding process of cement. The cement, which is grinded into fine powder, is stored in silos.

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These cements, which are stored in silos according to the cement type, are presented to the market in bulk or in bags, according to the demands in the market.
Level Measurement in Raw Raw Silo
Materials with a certain chemical composition, such as clay, iron ore, limestone, are grinded to become a fine powder. This powder is called “farin”. In order to obtain a good clinker, the raw meal is homogenized and stored in silos. This level must be measured accurately in order to carry out the stock control of the stored raw meal in the most appropriate way.