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New Cement Factory Construction Solutions

The New Cement Factory Construction covers the turnkey delivery process of the units from the raw material crusher to the packaging stage. By following the raw material crusher, stacker, rotary kiln, raw mill, preheater, reclaimer, clinker clinker silo, cement mill, cooler, and packaging units with great care during the project, construction, construction and assembly stages with our expert staff, our commitments are completed on time and all of our commitments are ensured. At these stages, quality, occupational health and safety is prioritized.
The cement sector, which is among the most important branches of the construction sector, has gained a good place in line with its priority targets and with its sectoral experience.

New Cement Factory Construction

The establishment of new facilities in the cement sector, the turnkey delivery of the units from the raw material crusher to the packaging stage are among our activities. In the installation of each unit, the construction, project, assembly and manufacturing works are followed with great care by our expert staff, and our commitments are completed on time and we always ensure quality OHS. is prioritized.
In addition to producing turnkey solutions for cement factories, we are your solution partner for the changes in each unit, capacity increase and maintenance, in case of a need, from the crusher to the packaging stage, in case of a need for the New Cement Factory Construction.

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More about New Cement Factory Construction

Cement Grinding

Packing and loading

  • Silos and stock halls
  • Fuel Charts

We have produced numerous projects on their subject.

Crusher: The crushing process in cement production refers to bringing the material produced in the raw material quarry to a suitable size for the raw material grinding system available in the factory.

Our company has been involved in numerous projects in the construction and assembly of the New Cement Factory. Our company, which also specializes in maintenance services, provides maintenance services for body plates, crusher rotor, crusher jaw replacement, path, hydraulic and pneumatic systems in a short time with the right assembly values, with our experienced team and special equipment.

Homogenization: It is one of the raw material preparation sections where the raw material coming from the crushers is homogenized and stacked. Our company has significant experience in the manufacture and assembly of homogenization stock halls, steel structure production and assembly, scraper loader and stacker systems used in the cement sector.