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Treatment and Digestion Silo Solution

Clarification is essential for wastewater treatment plants Compared to the filtration performed by the filter bolometer, clarification is a continuous process that separates water from suspended solid particles. Our company is able to design and manufacture horizontal and vertical Clarification Digestion Silos made of stainless steel or concrete and can provide all types of decanters to its customers.
Our company uses stainless steel for a long-lasting operation in the production of Treatment Digestion Silo treatment plants.
A pressure sensor is placed on a membrane at the bottom of the silo cone. The discharge valve is only opened when the required density is reached.

Silo Bottom Cone Vertıcal Tıller

Vertical silos are based on the static discharge standard and the natural settling of suspended solid particles. During the spillage in the decanters, the solid particles (sludge) sink to the bottom of the structure, while the clean water goes to the drainage system at the top and is discharged into a special tank or pit (clean water tank). The sedimentation of the sediment formed at the bottom of the silos is accelerated by the use of a polyelectrolyte (flocculant), special design and dimensions press on the sediment and create a water pond that guarantees the desired thickness of the sludge. The shape of the vertical silo, in direct proportion between the cone and the cylinder above it, has been developed thanks to our experience in filtering wastewater. The degree of deflection of the cone increases the thickness of the sludge and the top roller can be used as an extra storage space on the other hand.

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Horizontal Comb Harrow

Horizontal troughs are ideal for large water flows. They often have a limited height and are provided with an upper sludge thickening system. The medium or large variants of horizontal tykes do not corrode, the large one being made of concrete.

When to Use a Horizontal Tıkner
A width of 24 meters for the upper section of the horizontal dredge thickener series. When vertical silos, which are often needed, reach a height of 9 meters, we recommend this type of thickener.

Screw Structures
In cylindrical screw structures, the tensile stresses created in the silo body by the stored material are compensated by post-tensioning. In this way, concrete surfaces and bolometers are reduced and the process is made more cost-effective. Construction times are shorter. Thus, maintenance costs are also reduced.