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Crane (Gantry and overhead crane) Solution

Crane (Gantry and overhead crane) is one of the work machines used in many areas, especially in the construction sector, iron and steel industry, mines, container storage areas, ports, especially. It is used in transportation, loading storage, loading and similar areas in many business areas. Gantry overhead cranes are also known as harbor cranes or pedestal cranes. It is mostly used in open or semi-open work areas to move on rails laid on the ground. It consists of four different groups. These consist of gantry walking group, lifting group, bridge group and legs. Crane (gantry and traveling cranes) cranes are produced in different models and standards. These productions may vary depending on the tonnage, height and span of the gantry crane. Let’s start with the double lintel bridge gantry crane, which is among the gantry crane standards.

More About our Cranes

Gantry cranes with lintel gantry cranes are used in jobs that require more space. They are preferred in such works because the lifting distance is very high. In addition to the transportation of heavy loads, it is also used in jobs such as storage. Their criteria are quite large, so they are used in larger work areas. The desired efficiency may not be achieved in narrow areas. Single lintel gantry cranes are used for easier jobs. In other words, it is used for jobs with less weight. It is not used for heavy work like double lintel gantry cranes. In addition, it is suitable for open and closed areas.
Their heights are much smaller compared to double-gantry gantry cranes. Thus, it also provides ease of use in closed environment. In addition, it takes up much less space compared to double-gantry gantry cranes. Semi-gantry cranes, which are one of the crane models used with the help of building facades, are generally used for closed areas. Since their dimensions are smaller compared to the standards of other cranes, they can be used especially for narrow spaces. Although their dimensions are smaller than others, they can be easily used for much heavier loads.

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Advantages of Cranes

Crone (gantry and overhead cranes) cranes have many advantages of use. Since they are work machines that are mostly used in open areas, they are manufactured robustly depending on weather conditions. They are not so easily affected by weather conditions outside. This is the reason why they are more robust than other work vehicles.