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Minaret (Sliding mold) Solutions

Minaret (Sliding mold) Our minarets are manufactured entirely with steel formwork and appropriate ferrous concrete casting. We have many Minaret (Sliding formwork) works in Turkey. The body diameter of our minarets, which we manufacture, is in two different diameters, 160cm and 200cm. Minarets with a single balcony can vary between 25 meters and 40 meters above the earthen ground, and minarets with double balconies can vary between 33 meters and 55 meters. Depending on whether the mosque is roofed or domed, its height is determined. 8mm and 14mm or 16mm ribbed iron is used in the construction of the minaret. Concrete pouring process (excluding foundation) is done on site with our own construction machines. If desired, the minarets can be colored with exterior paint after they are made with black concrete, or they can be built from the beginning with white cement and left with their natural color. In the construction of each minaret, a lightning rod system is also applied by pulling a copper cable up to the realm with the grounding plate taken from the foundation. The lighting, sound system and doors in the minaret will be made by the relevant mosque association.


Minaret (Sliding mold)

The foundation pit and excavation works of the minaret will be opened by the mosque association according to the opinion of the master, and the concrete will be laid by laying iron by the master. 16 cubic meters of concrete is used in the single-balcony minaret, and approximately 20 cubic meters of concrete is used in the double-balcony minaret. There may be material differences in the minaret foundations, which vary according to the geographical structure and climate, in the larger foundations opened on soft ground. Since 3 people will work for a month during the construction of the minaret, these people will also be given a place to sleep. It is sufficient to find an empty room close to the mosque, as there are kitchen utensils and beds belonging to our teams.

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After the exploration around the mosque for the desired minaret, if it is found suitable, a contract will be made between the parties and the start date will be decided after the deposit is taken. During the construction of the minaret, the agreed wage will be paid gradually, and at the end of the work, the rest will be paid. Associations should continue to work devotedly in order not to be liable for the emergence of structures that are not suitable for earthquake conditions by sacrificing quality and to create architectural works that will shed light on the future.