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What are Mask Machines and Types?

Mask making machine types are basically machines used to produce masks to help create new lines of business or increase existing business potential, especially during epidemics. Although masks were used in daily life and in various fields of activity in ancient times, they become much more necessary in periods such as epidemics. Thanks to the masks worn by those who want to protect themselves and their environment in epidemics, they ensure that the epidemic does not spread and take precautions against the disease. The widespread use of masks also makes mask making machines important because mask making machines are needed to ensure that the masks have a certain standard and at the same time to produce masks quickly.

Although the mask machines in the wide product range differ in their features, they are generally machines that produce inner ear and outer ear, nostril and body. One of the biggest features of the machines is that they provide hygiene regardless of the model. In other words, it is very important because it allows mask making machines to be produced without human touch. Automatically produced masks are also packed in the desired quantities in the machines. After the packaging process is finished, it is best to print the brand name on it. In this context, masks that are produced without being completely spoiled, especially during epidemic periods, are beneficial for the protection of health.


What is a Welding Positioner?

There are two different types of welding positioners: hydraulic welding positioners and gear welding positioners. Thanks to the welding positioners, you can bring the parts on it to the most suitable position for joining and welding, and in this way, you can make an easy, comfortable and high quality welding. Welding positioners enable the welding operator to rotate the workpiece by adjusting the most suitable angle, providing an easier and higher quality welding. In addition, welding positioners have the possibility of fixing to the floor according to the weight of the material.

The control system easily adjusts the welding positioner table rotation speeds. In addition, welding positioners can be adjusted to work synchronously with column arm systems. Welding positioners are manufactured with a solid body structure to withstand harsh working conditions, there are channels on the table for easy assembly, precise speed control can be provided, inputs and outputs can be connected to the system automation and include voltage protection. and control system. It also has an optional manual or digital control system, thus providing great comfort in welding operations.

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